My 2.0 Review | No Spoilers | Matrixheaded!

Watched 2.0 movie in 3D, notwithstanding, I didn’t have the idea of watching the movie till the day of release (yesterday). Frankly speaking, when I watched the trailer of the movie, I was annoyed and felt that it was completely absurd. That said, the multiple social media posts praising the movie engulfed my patience and my general abomination towards cinema, changing my mind.

I decided that I should watch the movie and booked ticket for the first show this morning, last night. A movie that I watched solo, after a long time.

Not a very big fan of Rajnikanth (and of cinema as well). Felt that the movie was very slow for more than 65% of duration. Concept was so absurd. Nevertheless, the climax of the movie eclipses all the negative traits that the movie possesses. The climax is the core that upholds the entire movie!

Background score was good, thanks to Shankar for not keeping any usual, unwanted and annoying songs in the movie. Don’t miss the only song, that comes after the end card, and a one minute scene that follows.

Visual effects and 3D cinematography are so good and unmatchable by Thamizh cinema standards, although I wouldn’t say Indian standards. (Padmaavat is the best Indian movie in 3D effects, in my view).

Full credit goes to Shankar, for having conceived the concept of the movie and for having creatively crafted the visual effects, and the thousands of technicians that delivered the final product.

In the times of reckless piracy problems, eluding the concept from leaking must have required high degree of integrity from thousands of technicians involved, considering the time frame it took. Truly a pathbreaking effort by Shankar and co. in Indian cinema.

The movie is filled with much fallacies that I can write a much longer essay on the negative traits and on how the concepts were so absurd. But cinema is an entertainment platform. On entertaining perspectives I think it’s not the logic that matter, provided it doesn’t inflict any negative sentiments over anyone. The movie definitely has scored big on entertaining the audience, although more than half of the movie is slow and so normal, after having presumed with much bigger expectations.

Apart from all the negative and positive traits, stardom of both the protagonist and antagonist, thundering music, spectacular visual effects and stunts, the movie was built on a strong and pressing message that each one of us should think about and act.

In a single line,

2.0 – a spectacular visual treat, albeit full of fallacies!

Do watch the movie in theatres in 3D for real experience. Kill piracy. The movie might be boring if you don’t watch in 3D or in theatre.

Image Courtesy: The News Minute

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