I prefer to eat alone | Introvert’s diary

I think it’d be worthwhile to repost certain posts that I made in Facebook, here in my blog.

​This post is for those around me who think I am so quiet and socially difficult to be with. The facts I am posting here have been taken after detailed analysis, from various sources, on quiet people. It’s not solely about me but every silent ones who prefer to eat alone.

  1. We’re not bad people just because we prefer to be alone. At times, we might rather eat lunch by ourselves instead of in a large group of people. We might need our “quiet time.”
  2. Just because we’re quiet doesn’t mean we hate you. We may not always talk to you, but it doesn’t mean a thing and never forget that.

  3. Another thing you must know is just because we’re quiet doesn’t mean we’re miserable people. Most of the time, we have blank looks on our faces because we’re thinking, but we’re not unhappy with our lives.

  4. Sorry, but to be honest, we may not go out of our way to talk or have a conversation with you because we’re not used to just opening up. It doesn’t mean anything, though; just know it’s not always easy.

  5. Quiet people are generally thinkers. We tend to think too much about a particular situation. It only means we like to think, plan and access the situation before diving in.

  6. Once in awhile we like to go out in a group of people and let our hair down, but don’t get offended if we politely refuse the invite more often than not. It’s nothing personal, it’s just not our thing.

  7. It might not seem like a lot of fun to everyone, but staying home all alone on a Saturday night and reading a book or watching an old cartoon or informative Youtube videos is actually really enjoyable to us. So please don’t look like you feel bad for us – we like those nights!

  8. We’re really observant. It’s like a hobby that we didn’t choose to have, but is just part of who we are. We like to take in our surroundings, see what people are really about…sometimes we over think things, but we can’t help it; we’re interested in what’s below the surface. So if we’re going to get to know each other, expect that we’re really going to get to know you.

  9. We’re not comfortable around everyone, so if we enjoy being around you, please take it as a supreme compliment.

  10. If you’re too busy to get together for more than a few moments, don’t worry about it – we’ll spend time together later. We’d rather wait until you have the time for a really good conversation without looking at the clock, than to just talk about nothing for a few minutes here and there.

  11. Anything we do usually has a purpose behind it. We rarely do things without a point, and pretty much never do anything just to impress others.

  12. But, if you do ask us questions, we’ll give you detailed, in-depth answers.

  13. We’re typically quiet, but that doesn’t mean we lack confidence or leadership skills. In fact, studies show that quiet people are really good at managing people and are usually successful at achieving our goals.

  14. A lot of people think it’s sad when someone spends time alone, but don’t worry – we like our alone time. Actually, we need our alone time, so don’t feel bad for us, or think we’re being anti-social. We just need a certain amount of time to be by ourselves and reflect on life and the world around us.

  15. And please don’t think we’re bored – we’re rarely bored. What’s happening in our heads is actually really entertaining!

  16. If you have something you need to get off your chest or vent about, we’re really good listeners, because we actually care about what you’re saying.

  17. We take life seriously, but those who know us know that we can be big goofballs when we’re around people who we’re comfortable being with, and we’re kinda hilarious!

  18. We really don’t care much about how you look. If we like you, we’re going to think you’re awesome no matter what you look like.

Note: my dear buddies, this post is not for you. Coz, you won’t even accept the fact that I am a quiet person!

Image Courtesy: slothilda.com

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