Thamizh or Tamil?

One’s identity is much more important than you think. What do you associate a person’s identity with?

The British people ruled us for more than three centuries. In order to dictate over us, they imposed their language, culture and lifestyle here instead of learning ours.

They were not able to pronounce ‘zha’ (ழ) in Tamil. So they addressed it using ‘L’ instead of ‘zh’. They invented new words to match our Tamil words and made us to use the same.

Thamizh became Tamil,
Vizhuppuram became Villupuram,
Thamizhnaadu became Tamil Nadu,
Parangi Malai became St. Thomas Mount,
Udhagamandalam became Ooty,
Sengundram became Red Hills,
Vannaarappettai became Washermanpet,
Chaethuppattu became Chetpet,
எழும்பூர் எக்மோர் ஆனது,
சின்னமலை லிட்டில் மௌண்ட் ஆனது.

English may have become our necessary mode of communication at times. But when we refer Thamizh words in English, shouldn’t we spell them as we pronounce them in Thamizh? English may have changed the way we speak. But should we allow it to change our identity?

In fact, the government should change the spelling of our state name to Thamizhnaadu and request the central government to pass an ordinance for the same. We should spell the names of places in Thamizhnaadu, the way we pronounce. Names should be written in buses and other places as Ezhumbur/எழும்பூர் and not as Egmore/எக்மோர், Chinnamalai/சின்னமலை and not as Little Mount/லிட்டில் மௌண்ட், Parangi Malai/பரங்கிமலை and not as St. Thomas Mount, Aayiram Vilakku and not as Thousand Lights, Pudhupettai, Ulundhurpettai and not as Pudhupet, Ulundurpet.

This is Thamizhnaadu and we use English for our added communication. We may translate/transliterate #Thamizh words to #English but should not let them become the norm, which is the very beginning of losing our identity.

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  1. Nidhiya Siva says:

    Good and informative article. Made me to know how they had discovered English alphabets. Thamizhachi.


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